Successful performance at the Adria Summit

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At the Adria Summit 2024 conference, Nenad Zdravković, a member of the Supervisory Board of Milšped Group, participated in the panel 'The AI-Driven Supply Chain: Optimizing Inventory Management and Logistics.'

This panel covered topics in inventory optimization, route planning, and methods for demand forecasting, revealing how AI can enhance shipping and delivery processes, increase customer satisfaction, and stimulate e-commerce growth.

Nenad particularly highlighted the benefits of robotics, describing it as a crucial solution for simplifying complex processes in logistics.

Robotics not only increases efficiency and accuracy in operations but also contributes to the stability of business in a dynamic market environment.

Through the implementation of robotic systems, Milšped Group has achieved numerous benefits, including reduced operational costs, improved delivery accuracy, faster order processing times, all of which contribute to an exceptional level of service for our clients, as well as increased business scalability.

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